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Vegan Lip Balms 1/2 OZ

Vegan Lip Balms 1/2 OZ


Lip balms are great. What isn't is the added fillers and chemicals. This is why natural lip balms are so much better for your lips. Packed with oils and butter perfect for nourishing your lips back to perfection. You will love this even more if you're like me, getting chapped and splitting lips so easily in the winter. Hydrating butter will ensure the moisture lasts longer, so reapplying isn't as frequently needed. Four simple ingredients go into our lip balms. How many others can say that? Better yet, these are completely VEGAN! Yes, we said it. Vegan, your hunt is over for your perfect lip balm. Come to the natural side of healing.

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  • Caring For your balm

    This lip balm is made up of mostly butters, if left in a hot car it will melt.

  • Ingredients

    Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Candelilla wax, Hempseed oil (cold pressed), and flavoring.

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