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Split a Seam 15 oz Bath Bomb in a Bag

Split a Seam 15 oz Bath Bomb in a Bag


He's ancient, he's uglyI don't know which is worse. I might just split a seam now, if I don't die laughing first


Our take on Oogie Boogie, the guy we all love to hate. What better than to make him a bath bomb in a bag. Pour a little or a lot into your bath and be swept away in the electric green. Pops of Purple will surround you. These bags have lots of embeds hidden inside. Sprinkled ontop with Cocoa colored dead sea salt crystals. Even better? We have glow in the dark creepy crawlies to top it off. This baby is loaded with mica for all the luster your heart could desire. No glitter or coconut milk in this babe for those who aren't fans.


He's Musky, He's sweet, boy you're in for a trick...or a treat.


Scented: Apple Cider Donuts

*Not Vegan*