Spearmint & Strawberry with jojoba pearls 8oz

Spearmint & Strawberry with jojoba pearls 8oz


Who doesn't like a little minty sweet? An intoxicating blend of spearmint and nice plump strawberries will whisk you away on a spine tingling adventure in your own bathroom. Refreshing and sweet. Added bonus this gem is made with Jojoba beads. What is that you ask? They are biodegradable exfoliating beads. So you can get extra exfoliation without the guilt of poisioning our marine life!

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    Ingredients: Aqua (Water) , Decyl Glucoside , Lauryl Betaine , Xantham Gum , Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice Powder , Citric Acid , Phenonxyethanol Benzoic Acid , Dehydroacetic Acid




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