Spearmint & Eucalyptus 7oz

Spearmint & Eucalyptus 7oz

Want the rush of an invigorating Bike Ride down a Twisting road? How about the thrill of jumping off a ledge plummeting 30 feet into the icy waters below? Swimming with nurse sharks? Or running through the Amazon? This will thrill your senses even if you are just in your tub at home. Get a rush while staying indoors, feel alive and refreshed. Let Spearmint spike your adrenaline while Eucalyptus evens out the adventure. On top of that, the water will electrify you with the vibrant green on the Amazons.  These beauties are actually good for you. Packed with organic coca butter and hempseed oil they make the foam feel like silky bedsheets. Everyone wants to feel like royalty. Treat your skin and body like a goddess deserves to be treated.
  • Ingredients

    Baking Soda, Citric Acid, SLSA, Cream of Tartar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Hempseed Oil, Polysorbate 80, Spearmint & Eucalyptus Essential Oil, FD&C Green

  • Caution

    The tub may be slippery after use, please tread with caution. Make sure you are aware of what your tub is made out of and if it is ok to use bath bombs that have colorant with it. The dye may stick to soap scum. A quick wipe down of your tub may be needed. Please discontinue use if irritation occurs. 


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