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Pixies breakfast  Shower Frosting- 3 in 1 7OZ

Pixies breakfast Shower Frosting- 3 in 1 7OZ

Pixie's are known for their mischivious behavour and their love for all things SUGAR. This is our rendition of everything a Pixie would love. Oh the sweet sweet loops...of well fruit is the perfect scent for this. Topped with a rainbow of CHONKY bio glitter. (Smells exactly like the cereal) What is Shower Frosting? Well, my lovelies, it is a 3 in 1! A scrub, body wash, and body butter. This is the product you never knew you needed in your life. We can't believe we didn't make it sooner. So sorry my pretties.
  • Ingredients

    Foaming Bath Butter (Distilled Water, SCS, Stearic Acid, Coca Betaine, Glycerin)Organic Raw Sugar, Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Mica, Fragrance and Liquid Germinal Plus.



  • Directions

    Rub into skin like a body scrub, then use your loofah to wash activating the foaming bath whip, and rinse. After your shower you won't need to moisturize because it is a body butter too!


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