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Mystic Milk Bath Powder

Mystic Milk Bath Powder


Sensational Spirit- If you are a rose jam fan, you will adore this body wash. We loved the scent so much we wanted to do our own Milk Bath. Now, of course, we had to spruce her up a little like the queen she is. Pour a little or a lot into your bath and watch in awe as a unexected color explosion happens before your eyes. One sniff and you will be entranced. This scent holds true to the name SENSATIONAL and honey, yes your spirit does need this.


Frosted Cranberries & Orange- Get cozy by an open fire, drinking a sweet muled cider. Frosted cranberries and Spiced Oranges are the perfect scent for the season. We made this into a 3 in 1 and wanted to continue the cheer into our new bath milk. Pour some into your bath and watch magic happen, as a warm orange spreads through your tub.


Nidra- This stunner was named after the Hindu goddess of sleep. Not only is the name goregous like the milk bath is but the scent is comforting enought o lull you to sleep. Bath in the mystic waters as they turn a bluish purple, watch the hypnotic shimmer ripple through your bath. Scented in Lavender & Nag Champa 10.5 oz

  • Ingredients

    • Baking Soda
    • Citric Acid
    • Coconut Milk Powder
    • Aloe Vera Powder
    • Mica
    • FD&C Dyes
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