Pixie's Breakfast Fizzy Salt Soak 16 OZ

Pixie's Breakfast Fizzy Salt Soak 16 OZ


Pixie's are known for their mischivious behavour and their love for all things SUGAR. This is our rendition of everything a Pixie would love. Oh the sweet sweet loops...of well fruit is the perfect scent for this soak. Relax in a mix of epsom salt and dead sea salt. Beware you may be shookith by the...semi hidden embeds. Vibrant colors sure to make your heart and soul happy. Soak in the lushious green waters like the inner Pixie you are. 


Scented in Fruit Loops

  • Ingredients

    Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, FD&C Lime, Blue 4, Red 40, Yellow 5, Orange & Purple.


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