Ember Dragon Egg with Charm 8oz

Ember Dragon Egg with Charm 8oz


The Dragon's egg has been a long coveted treasure sought after through the milenia; only a lucky few have lived to tell the tale after braving the feat. In a world of magic and mystery the Ember Dragon's tale has been told throughout the years. Known to be one of the hardest to tame of the line. To get her egg is to get a glimpse into magic itself. Congragulations warrior, you have done it. You have defeated the mighty Ember Dragon and reaped the benifit of her egg. Melt the charred outer layer in a hot spring bath and have a look at what surprise awaits you in the middle. Bath in your winnings, be entranced in the deep beauty, mystical greyish blue waters and a seductive scent. You have earned it.


Notes of Vetiver, Opoponax, Beeswax, Ambrette, and Cumin (Lush Hellstone Dupe) finishing with Nag Champa.


Scented: The Devil's Door and Nag Champa

  • Ingredients

    Baking Soda, Citric Acid, SLSA, Kaolin Clay, Coconut Milk Powder. Cocoa Butter, Hempseed Oil, Polysorbate 80, FD&C Dye Red 40, Yellow 5, Black Lakes, Iron Oxide, Mica, Bioglitter

  • Caution

    The tub may be slippery after use, please tread with caution. Make sure you are aware of what your tub is made out of and if it is ok to use bath bombs that have colorant with it. The dye may stick to soap scum. A quick wipe down of your tub may be needed. Please discontinue use if irritation occurs. Be careful of small charm.


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